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Kenai: I mean, you're okay, but most bears will look for any excuse to attack a human.
Koda: But, Kenai, he attacked us.
Kenai: You know, you're just a cub. When you're older, you'll understand.
Kenai argues with Koda[src]

"Arrival" is a score composed by Mark Mancina and Phil Collins for Brother Bear. It was unofficially released in 2003 as part of the film's complete score.


In the soundtracks

Mark Mancina and Phil Collins composed the score of the 2003 film Brother Bear as well as its soundtrack and unofficial complete score. "Arrival" was written to represent the scene in which Kenai and Koda arrive at the Salmon Run.[1]

"Arrival" was used in the score "Awakes As a Bear", which was released as part of the film's soundtrack.[2][3]

In the film

Kenai reacts with fear to the bears of the Salmon Run, during which "Arrival" is heard

"Arrival" is heard in Brother Bear as a representation of the scene in which Kenai and Koda arrive at the Salmon Run. The score begins as Kenai and Koda argue over whether humans or bears are the more antagonistic species. The piece continues as a flock of gulls knocks Kenai over, inadvertently leading him to the Salmon Run. As Kenai begins to notice and panic over the presence of many bears, the score becomes more frantic, culminating with a giant swell as Kenai watches Tug catch a salmon in his jaws.


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