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"I'm not a beaver. I'm a bear. No, I mean, I'm not a bear. I'm a man!"
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Awakes As A Bear
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   Mark Mancina
   Phil Collins

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Hey, listen to me. You got yourself into this mess. If you want to change, take it up with your brother's spirit. You'll find him on the mountain where the lights touch the earth. He'll help you make up for what you've done wrong.
Tanana to Kenai[src]

"Awakes As A Bear" is a score composed by Mark Mancina and Phil Collins for Brother Bear. It was unofficially released in 2003 as part of the film's complete score.


In the soundtracks

Mark Mancina and Phil Collins composed the score of the 2003 film Brother Bear as well as its soundtrack and unofficial complete score. "Awakes As A Bear" was written to represent the scene in which Kenai discovers that the Great Spirits have transformed him into a bear.[1]

Parts of "Awakes As A Bear" were used in the score "Awakes As a Bear", which was released as part of the film's soundtrack.[2][3]

In the film

Kenai realizes that he has been transformed into a bear, during which "Awakes As A Bear" is heard

"Awakes As A Bear" is heard in Brother Bear as a representation of the scene in which Kenai discovers that the Great Spirits have transformed him into a bear. The score picks up as Kenai awakens in the forest to Tanana tending to his wounds. The instrumental remains soft and peaceful as Kenai attempts to explain his experiences to Tanana. However, when she shushes him and tells him that she does not speak bear, he realizes that he has been transformed, and the score becomes more frenzied and fast-paced. The piece ends as Kenai realizes that the animals can speak and appeals to Rutt and Tuke for help.


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