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Black, gray, and pink

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Masked bandit (by Koda)




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   Kenai (formerly)
   Koda (formerly)
   Nita (formerly)

Finders keepers, losers weepers. It's the way of the woods.

Bering is a male raccoon.


Brother Bear 2

When Nita loses her amulet to the river, it washes ashore in a forest. Bering happens upon the bag and steals the amulet, carrying it back to his tree.

That night, Kenai tracks Bering's paw prints to his tree, where he waits for the raccoons to fall asleep. However, Nita appears and begins to climb the tree after the amulet. The commotion awakens Bering, but Kenai quickly distracts him by taking credit for all the noise. He then tells Bering that the amulet he took belongs to him, but Bering simply states that "finders, keepers" is the way of the woods. Koda accuses Bering of having stole it, and Bering admits to this, but does not give up the amulet.

Bering attempts to snatch Nita's amulet from around her neck

Koda warns the raccoons that Kenai is dangerous, which prompts the raccoons to start pelting Kenai with pinecones until Kenai offers a trade. Bering orders his underlings to stop and asks Kenai what he wants in exchange for the amulet, but Kenai can only offer silly things, such as pinecones and sticks.

Just then, a baby raccoon cries out for its mother due to Nita stealing the amulet from it. This alerts Bering to the theft, and he and his raccoons pursue Nita through the forest. Eventually, they chase her up a tree, and Bering attempts to grab the amulet from around her neck. However, she lets go and escapes.

Later, Bering and his raccoons attend Kenai's wedding to Nita, during which they shower the couple in flower petals.

Physical appearance

Bering is an exceptionally large and robust raccoon, as he dwarfs all his underlings in size. He is somewhat overweight, with a round belly and wide hips, though his limbs are rather skinny. His main pelt is dark gray, and he has pale fur on his chest and muzzle as well as pale stripes above his eyes. Darker fur coats his cheeks, ears, paws, and throat. His tail is striped with gray and black, like most raccoons.

Personality and traits

We rob from the rich and give to the less fortunate. You know,!

Bering is a shrewd thief who cares nothing for the troubles of others. He plays dirty, being willing to take what does not belong to him and attack any who challenge him. Despite this, he does have a soft side, as seen when he celebrates Kenai and Nita's wedding.



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