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Brother Bear: Return of the Bear of Love is a 2004 Disney animated sequel film where its main movie Brother Bear had left off. Phil Collins contributed three songs to the film as well as with Nightwish. Only four of the original characters return: Kenai, Denahi, Sitka, and Tanana.

Plot Summary

Before the end of Kenai's ceremony, his brothers and his tribe cheered for him. Suddenly, adolescent Nita arrives in the village to meet Kenai and his brothers, Sitka and Denahi. Nita is welcomed as the new member of Tanana's tribe, but she couldn't find herself on her way through. Instead, Denahi and Nita fall in love and leave away. Both Sitka and Kenai head back to the village. Tanana is very proud to tell Kenai and Sitka that Denahi and Nita are falling in love. In the end, Tanana asks The Great Spirits if they can start re-sculpting a rock into a return of Kenai's totem.