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We lost the hunter back under the glacier.
Kenai on Denahi[src]

The cave is a location. It is the refuge of Kenai and Koda when they are attacked by Denahi.


Brother Bear

Denahi attacks a bear, whom he does not recognize as his brother Kenai, despite Kenai's failed attempts to communicate with him. Kenai flees to the cave, where he takes refuge with a bear cub named Koda. The two wait in silence until Denahi passes the cave and continues his search on top of the glacier.

Kenai and Koda take refuge from Denahi in the cave

Kenai wonders why his brother is trying to kill him, noting that Denahi's violent actions are contrary to his usual nature. Koda puts on bravado about taking on the hunter himself, but Kenai quickly calls him out on his act. Kenai then attempts to move on, but Koda begs him to stay and confesses that he has been separated from his mother. Despite Koda's pleas, Kenai continually refuses, claiming that he has his own problems to solve. This changes when Koda mentions that the Salmon Run borders the Mountain Where the Lights Touch the Earth, which leads Kenai to reluctantly agree to accompany Koda there.

The next morning, Kenai and Koda leave the cave behind. Meanwhile, Denahi finds the cave and searches it for his quarry, only to find it empty.


  • In the Game Boy Advance version of Brother Bear, the cave is called the "Ice Cave."