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Chipmunks (characters)
Physical information




Hair color

Brown, cream, and tan

Eye color


Distinguishing features

   Buck teeth
   Stripes on backs, faces, and heads

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So you're telling me you didn't eat them, and you have no idea where they are?
―One chipmunk to the other on acorns[src]

The chipmunks are a pair of male chipmunks.


Brother Bear

After Kenai is transformed into a bear, he overhears the chipmunks arguing with one another. The first asks the second where a couple of acorns are, and when the second replies that he does not know, the first remarks that they had been there a moment ago. The second comments that it is an odd situation.

Just then, Kenai interrupts, reacting with shock that the animals can talk. Terrified, the chipmunks begin to back away from him, but when Kenai demands to know how they can talk, they flee, with the second chipmunk spitting acorns into the first's face. As the first chipmunk flees, he yells that he had suspected the second had possessed the acorns all along.

Physical appearance

The chipmunks are both small and thin, with brown fur and black eyes. They have tan underbellies and paws as well as tan stripes that run up their backs and end in circlets around their eyes. These stripes are outlined in darker fur. One chipmunk has dark upper and lower paws, while the other only has dark upper paws.

Personality and traits

Both chipmunks are excitable and easily frightened. One is deceptive and unbothered by stealing from his friend, while the other is more perceptive and questioning.


  • The chipmunks are voiced by Bumper Robinson.[1]
  • Originally, one of Kenai's first glimpses into the animal world was through a ground squirrel named Muri. However, Muri was replaced with the chipmunks.[2]


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