Denahi Finds The Cave

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Denahi Finds The Cave
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   Mark Mancina
   Phil Collins

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Brother Bear (Complete Score)


Brother Bear

Brother BearTuke warns Rutt of Denahi's presence

"Denahi Finds The Cave" is a score composed by Mark Mancina and Phil Collins for Brother Bear. It was unofficially released in 2003 as part of the film's complete score.


In the soundtracks

Mark Mancina and Phil Collins composed the score of the 2003 film Brother Bear as well as its soundtrack and unofficial complete score. "Denahi Finds The Cave" was written to represent the scene in which Denahi finds the ice cave in which Kenai and Koda had been hiding.[1]

In the film
Denahi finds Kenai and Koda's hiding place, during which "Denahi Finds The Cave" is heard

"Denahi Finds The Cave" is heard in Brother Bear as a representation of the scene in which Denahi finds the ice cave in which Kenai and Koda had been hiding. The score begins when Rutt and Tuke arrive outside the ice cave and begin grazing. The music turns more ominous as Denahi finds the cave and slips inside, searching for evidence of Kenai's passing. The piece plays over the conversation in which Koda corrects Kenai on his name as well as when Tuke warns Rutt of Denahi's presence. When Rutt notices Denahi, the score grows loud and frantic, and ends as the moose flee for their lives.


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