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Guess you didn't see the trap, huh? I saw it from a mile away.
Koda meets Kenai in the forest[src]

The forest is a location. It is the home of Rutt and Tuke, and the area where Kenai meets Koda.


Brother Bear

Kenai realizes he has been transformed into a bear

After Kenai is transformed into a bear by the Great Spirits, he awakens in the forest, with Tanana nursing his wounds. Kenai attempts to relate his encounter with the Great Spirits to her, but Tanana interrupts him, explaining that she does not speak bear. A confused Kenai looks at his reflection in a nearby river and realizes that he has been transformed. Distraught and horrified, Kenai has a brief panic attack until Tanana hits him in the head with a boot and informs him that the transformation was of his brother Sitka's doing.

With Kenai calm, Tanana examines his transformed body and comments that the Great Spirits rarely make such big changes. She deduces that Sitka must have something important planned for Kenai and so instructs Kenai to take up his case with Sitka's spirit at the Mountain Where the Lights Touch the Earth. Kenai protests that he did not do anything wrong, but Tanana promptly disappears.

Kenai meets Rutt and Tuke

With Tanana gone, Kenai notices other voices and creeps closer to investigate. He finds two chipmunks arguing over the disappearance of some acorns, which leads him to discover that animals can talk. He begs a passing flock of birds to help him find the Mountain Where the Lights Touch the Earth, but they fly on, ignoring him. However, in doing so, he draws the attention of two nearby moose, Rutt and Tuke, who hide from him in fear of being eaten.

Kenai promises that he does not intend to eat them, which calms them. He attempts to explain that he is a human who has been transformed into a bear, but the moose simply believe him to be crazy. Eventually, Kenai grows too frustrated to continue the conversation, and so he sets out to find the mountain on his own. However, before he can get too far, he gets caught in a bear trap, which holds him suspended from a tree by one foot.

Kenai encounters a bear cub named Koda, who helps him escape a bear trap

Kenai struggles against the trap and manages to grab a stick that is lying on the ground nearby. Just then, a bear cub named Koda bursts into the clearing, spooking Kenai and causing him to lose his grip on the stick. Koda picks up the stick himself and begins whacking Kenai with it in an effort to free him, only ceasing when Kenai shouts at him to stop. Kenai then orders Koda to return the stick to where he had found it. Koda does so and begins to tell Kenai stories, all while Kenai strains to reach the stick.

After several hours of watching Kenai struggle, Koda scoots the stick within his reach. With the stick in hand, Kenai attempts to free himself, but his efforts fail, which amuses Koda. Annoyed at Koda's presence, Kenai asks if he has somewhere to be, and Koda responds that he is journeying to the Salmon Run. He then strikes a deal with Kenai, promising to free him in exchange for his help in reaching the Salmon Run. Though Kenai is doubtful, Koda easily frees him from the trap.

Denahi tracks Kenai to the forest

Shortly after Kenai is free, Koda inexplicably runs away in terror, to Kenai's relief. No sooner has Koda disappeared when Denahi emerges from the forest with a spear in hand. At first, Kenai reacts with relief, believing his brother to have recognized and found him, but when Denahi attempts to kill Kenai, he runs away in terror and takes refuge in a nearby ice cave.

Later, Rutt and Tuke are grazing when Denahi passes by and glares at them. Terrified, the moose flee.


  • In the Game Boy Advance version of Brother Bear, the forest is called the "Snow Forest."