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Giant glacier (by Koda)



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   Koda's mother

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Glacier fight

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The whole thing broke, and they fell into the water. There was ice everywhere!
Koda describes the fight at the glacier[src]

The glacier is a location. It is the site of the fight between Koda's mother and three human hunters: Denahi, Kenai, and Sitka.


Brother Bear

When Kenai fails to tie up a basket of salmon properly, it falls to the ground, where Koda and his mother scavenge the food. Kenai tracks the bears down and corners Koda's mother against the side of the glacier, where he pelts her with sticks and stones. The two get into a brief scuffle, which ends with Kenai falling off a cliff to a small protruding ledge below. His brothers, Denahi and Sitka, rush to his aid, only for Koda's mother to roar at them.

In order to save his brothers, Sitka sends the glacier plummeting into the water below

Denahi distracts Koda's mother by throwing sticks and stones at her and drawing her onto the unstable glacier. The ice soon breaks beneath him, and Kenai rushes to help him while Sitka takes on Koda's mother. However, Sitka is soon overpowered, and Koda's mother advances on a prone Denahi and Kenai. In order to save his brothers, Sitka stabs the glacier, breaking the ice and sending the entire structure crashing into the water below. Though Koda's mother survives the fall, Sitka dies upon impact.

Later, Kenai returns to the glacier in order to track down Koda's mother, whom he wants to enact his revenge upon.