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Glacier Fight
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   Mark Mancina
   Phil Collins

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Brother Bear (Complete Score)


Brother Bear


Anonymous Audio File Icon Clip Art.pngGlacier Fight 

Kenai: Sitka, no! You got to get out of here!
Sitka: What?
Kenai: The bear! Look behind you!
Kenai and Sitka as they are attacked by a bear[src]

"Glacier Fight" is a score composed by Mark Mancina and Phil Collins for Brother Bear. It was unofficially released in 2003 as part of the film's complete score.


In the soundtracks

Mark Mancina and Phil Collins composed the score of the 2003 film Brother Bear as well as its soundtrack and unofficial complete score. "Glacier Fight" was written to represent the scene in which Kenai and his brothers, Denahi and Sitka, fight a bear.[1]

Parts of "Glacier Fight" were used in the score "Three Brothers", which was released as part of the film's soundtrack.[2][3]

In the film

Sitka sacrifices himself to save his brothers, during which "Glacier Fight" is heard

"Glacier Fight" is heard in Brother Bear as a representation of the scene in which Kenai and his brothers, Denahi and Sitka, fight a bear. The score begins when Denahi and Sitka witness Kenai tumbling off a cliff due to his fight with a bear. It gathers momentum, becoming a fast-paced battle hymn, as the brothers struggle to survive, with Sitka taking on the bear, while Kenai attempts to pull Denahi out of a fissure in the ice. The score ends as Sitka deliberately ruptures the ice with his spear, bringing down the glacier and saving his brothers in the process.


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