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Huge rock
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   Koda's mother

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   Huge rock fight
   Kenai's transformation

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Nana, you won't believe this. I was at the top of this huge rock, and all of a sudden, this...
Kenai describes his encounter with the Great Spirits[src]

The huge rock is a landmark. It is a massive pillar of rock where the Great Spirits can manifest themselves.


Brother Bear

When Kenai hunts down Koda's mother, he chases her out of a berry patch. She flees to the base of the huge rock and begins to scale it. This causes Kenai to catch sight of her and follow her up the steep ledges, eventually cornering her at the very top. The two face off, and Koda's mother wrenches Kenai's spear out of his grasp. A defenseless Kenai flees and climbs a nearby boulder, but Koda's mother begins to shove the boulder off the huge rock. Kenai then leaps over her back and grabs his spear, turning just in time to fatally impale her on it.

Kenai is transformed into a bear at the huge rock

After the fight, Kenai releases an anguished cry, which is heard by his brother, Denahi, who had been in pursuit so as to stop the fight. Just then, the Great Spirits appear overhead, causing Kenai to react with awe and fear. Sitka's spirit appears before Kenai and indicates the body of Koda's mother, which is drawn up into the heavens. Afterward, Sitka – this time in the form of an eagle – lifts Kenai into the air and uses the magic of the Great Spirits to transform him into a bear. Kenai is then gently lowered back to the ground, where he struggles to stand due to being disoriented from the transformation.

Just as the Great Spirits retreat into the sky, Denahi climbs to the top of the huge rock, where he sees the bear, whom he does not know is Kenai, stumbling among the remains of Kenai's torn clothing. Before the two can have a confrontation, a fork of lightning strikes the ground, sending Kenai falling off the side of the huge rock into a raging river below. He is borne downstream by the current until he washes ashore, unconscious. Meanwhile, Denahi, believing Kenai to have been killed, resolves to avenge his brother's death by hunting down the bear himself.