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Huge rock fight
Event information

Huge rock


   Koda's mother


   Koda's mother dies
   The Great Spirits are provoked into transforming Kenai into a bear


Sitka's funeral


Kenai's transformation

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Denahi spots his brother Kenai's struggle with the bear[src]

The huge rock fight is an event in which Kenai faces off with Koda's mother, whom he blames for the death of his brother, Sitka. Kenai tracks Koda's mother to a berry patch and chases her until she is cornered atop a huge rock. The two fight, and Kenai narrowly wins by impaling Koda's mother on his spear. To punish Kenai for killing Koda's mother, the Great Spirits transform him into a bear.



After Sitka dies in a struggle with Koda's mother, Kenai vows revenge and tracks the bear to a berry patch. Koda's mother overhears him and mistakes him for her son, Koda, whom she had been searching for. However, when Kenai yells a battle cry and challenges her with his spear, she flees.

The fight

Kenai chases Koda's mother, eventually cornering her atop a huge rock. There, the two fight, and Kenai briefly loses his spear. Koda's mother chases him onto a tall rock that hangs precariously over a ledge and begins to shove the rock off the ledge. However, Kenai evades her and lunges for his spear, hefting it in her direction just in time to fatally impale her.

With the bear lying dead at his feet, Kenai releases an anguished cry, which is heard by his brother, Denahi, who had been in pursuit so as to stop the fight.