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Shawoman! Okay? "Wise" and "man" don't even belong in the same sentence.

Innoko is a female Inuk human. She is the shawoman of Chilkoot's tribe.


Brother Bear 2

When the Great Spirits interrupt Nita's wedding, she consults Innoko for help. At the onset of the meeting, Nita claims that the villagers believe that the Great Spirits had made an earthquake during her wedding as a sign of their disapproval, but Innoko scoffs, asking her if she wants the opinion of the villagers or a professional. Nita hastily explains that she wants a professional's help, and so Innoko consults the Great Spirits. In doing so, she learns that Nita cannot marry Atka, as the spirits have already matched her with someone else.

Innoko summons an image of an amulet in the fire, and Nita recognizes it as a gift from her childhood friend, Kenai. Innoko recognizes the name as belonging to a boy who had transformed into a bear. Nita insists that she must marry Atka, and Innoko explains that the only way for her to sever her bond with Kenai is to burn the amulet with him at Hokani Falls during the equinox.

Nita starts to depart on her quest, but Innoko reminds her that she must burn the amulet with Kenai, not by herself. Confused, Nita wonders how she will communicate with Kenai, and Innoko channels the power of the Great Spirits to allow Nita to communicate with animals.

Later, Innoko attends Nita's wedding to Kenai, during which she winks at Nita.

Physical appearance

Innoko is a short and stout woman. Like her tribesmen, she is bronze-skinned with black hair, which she wears in pigtails. She wears a tan parka with a green wrap and white trim, and gold earrings. Additionally, she bears red face paint.

Personality and traits

The villagers? What the heck do they know? Do you want the advice of the villagers or a professional?
―Innoko to Nita[src]

Innoko is a playful and zany lady. She responds to nearly everything with an ingenious comeback, to the point that she is somewhat snooty, disdainful, and belittling. She is somewhat scatterbrained, as she misinterprets what the Great Spirits say and abruptly interjects Nita. Despite this, she is caring and kind, and shows support for Nita's choices.


  • Innoko is voiced by Wanda Sykes.[1]
  • Innoko is named for the Innoko River in Alaska.[2]


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