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Kenai's transformation
Event information

Huge rock


   Great Spirits
   Koda's mother


   Kenai is transformed into a bear
   Koda's mother becomes a spirit


Huge rock fight


Forest chase

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Kenai encounters the spirit of his brother, Sitka[src]

Kenai's transformation is an event in which the Great Spirits transform Kenai into a bear as punishment for his senseless killing of Koda's mother. After the death of Koda's mother, Sitka's spirit emerges before Kenai and draws his attention to the body of Koda's mother as it is drawn into the heavens. Afterward, Sitka lifts Kenai into the air and uses the magic of the Great Spirits to transform him into a bear.

According to Tanana, Kenai's transformation is an unprecedented move by the Great Spirits.



Our brother is dead, and it's because of that monster.
Kenai to Denahi, on the death of Sitka[src]

After Sitka dies in a fight against a bear, Kenai swears his revenge and tracks the animal down. Though the bear attempts to flee, Kenai chases and corners it atop a huge rock, where the two have a final confrontation. After a brief struggle, Kenai manages to kill the bear and releases an anguished cry, which is heard by his brother, Denahi, who had been in pursuit so as to stop the fight.

The transformation

The Great Spirits transform Kenai into a bear

Shortly after the death of the bear, the Great Spirits descend upon the huge rock and reveal themselves to Kenai, who is both awed and frightened. The spirit of Sitka materializes before Kenai and draws his attention to the bear's body, which is promptly drawn up into the heavens to join the Great Spirits. Afterward, Sitka – this time in the form of an eagle – lifts Kenai into the air and transforms him into a bear.

After the transformation, a storm forms overhead. Denahi reaches the summit just in time to see the bear, whom he does not know is Kenai, stumbling among the remains of Kenai's torn clothing. Before the two can have a confrontation, a fork of lightning strikes the ground, sending Kenai falling off the side of the huge rock into a raging river below. He is borne downstream by the current until he washes ashore, unconscious. Meanwhile, Denahi, believing Kenai to have been killed, resolves to avenge his brother's death by hunting down the bear himself.


  • This is the first of three instances in which Sitka transforms Kenai. However, unlike the second and third transformations, in which Sitka is granting Kenai's request, this change is enacted as a form of punishment.[1] Later on, Nita willingly becomes a bear, making this transformation the only one in which the Great Spirits transform someone against their will.[2]



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