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   Human (formerly)

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Also known as

   Miss Constant Weight (by Innoko)
   Miss Two-Timer (by Innoko)




Salmon Run


   Chilkoot's tribe
   Salmon Run

Relationship information

Chilkoot (father)
Unnamed mother
Kenai (husband)
Siqiniq (aunt)
Taqqiq (aunt)
Denahi (brother-in-law)
Sitka (brother-in-law)
Koda (adoptive brother-in-law)




   Atka (formerly)
   Bering (formerly)

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Once you love someone, they stay in your heart forever.

Nita is an adolescent bear. She is the childhood friend and later wife of Kenai. Nita was born as an Inuk human.



Nita as a child

Nita was born to Chilkoot and his wife. During her early childhood, Nita and her tribe lived near Tanana's tribe, of whom her friend Kenai was a member. One day, while out playing with Kenai, Nita fell through a frozen lake, but was rescued by Kenai. This caused Nita to develop a phobia of water. While helping Nita recover at Hokani Falls, Kenai gave Nita his amulet.

Brother Bear 2

As adolescent Nita is preparing to get married to Atka, a man from a neighboring tribe. She decides to wear her mother's wedding dress, to which Chilkoot tells Nita that seeing her wearing the dress makes her look like her mother on her wedding day.

Nita reunites with her childhood friend, Kenai

When the time for the wedding comes, a crack appears between Nita and Atka. The tribe see this as a sign from The Great Spirits. Nita goes to her tribe's shawoman Innoko, who tells her that due to Kenai (who is now living as a bear) giving Nita his amulet, they have been bonded by The Great Spirits and in order to sever the bond so Nita can marry Atka, she must go with Kenai to Hokani Falls during the equinox and burn the amulet. To help her on her mission, Innoko channels the powers of the Great Spirits to give Nita the ability to speak to animals.

Nita travels through the forest and comes across a bear, which she fights. The bear sees her amulet and reveals that he is Kenai and introduces her to his adoptive bear brother Koda. When Nita reveals what her mission is, Kenai refuses to help. However when Nita tells him that she will ask The Great Spirits to change him back to a human to help her, Kenai (not wanting to be separated from Koda) finally agrees.

With Kenai's help, Nita is able to overcome her fear of water

During the journey to Hokani Falls, Nita's amulet is stolen by a raccoon named Bering. Nita and Kenai get into an argument over it. The next morning, Nita learns from Koda that Kenai had left to get the amulet back. They follow Kenai to where Bering lives. Bering refuses to give back the amulet before he and his large family throw pinecones at the trio. Whilst Kenai distracts the raccoons, Nita climbs up the tree and finds the amulet in the possession of a baby raccoon. Nita gets the amulet back, only for the baby raccoon to start crying, alerting Bering and the other raccoons of her presence. The raccoons attempt to get the amulet back, but fail due to Kenai helping Nita.

Nita later helps Kenai and Koda's moose friends Rutt and Tuke win the affections of two moosettes named Kata and Anda by having them act like big brother figures to Koda. As they continue their journey, Nita reveals to Kenai that she still has a fear of water. Kenai helps Nita overcome her fear of water and the pair's bond strengthens. Nita later talks Kenai and asks if he misses being human. Koda, fearing that Kenai will leave him for Nita, confronts them over this and runs off. Nita follows Koda, who refuses to have Kenai taken from him. The pair get trapped under an avalanche, but are rescued by Kenai, who assures Koda that he would never leave him.

Nita is transformed into a bear

The trio eventually reach Hokani Falls where Nita burns the amulet. Afterwards, Nita realises that due to finishing her mission, her ability to talk to animals has stopped, thus she can no longer understand what Kenai and Koda are saying. Nita sadly returns to her tribe to resume her wedding.

As Nita prepares for the wedding, Chilkoot asks her why she is sad. Nita replies that while it was the spirits who did not want her to marry Atka, it is now her heart that does not want her to. Just then, they hear screaming and Nita sees Koda in the village (as he came to reunite Nita with Kenai) with Kenai arriving to get Koda. The villagers however think that Kenai and Koda are attacking them. Nita sees Atka fight Kenai and push him off a cliff. Nita berates Atka for hurting Kenai before going to the latter's side. Kenai tries to talk to Nita, but she can only hears growls. Kenai places his paw on Nita's chest, making Nita realise that he is expressing his feelings for her, which she returns.

Nita, Kenai, and Koda as a family

Just then, The Great Spirits appear in the sky above them. Their presence makes Nita and Kenai able to talk to each other. Koda reveals that he had asked The Great Spirits to change Kenai back to a human. However, Kenai does not wish to leave Koda. With Chilkoot's blessing, Nita has The Great Spirits turn her into a bear so she can live with Kenai and Koda.

Nita and Kenai marry in the village with the villagers and Kenai's friends present.

Voice Actors

  • Brother Bear 2 - Jessie Flower (as a child) and Mandy Moore (as a teenager)