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Well, gee, eh? You're one big beaver.
―Rutt to Kenai, after Kenai claims he is not a bear[src]

Rutt is a male moose. He is the brother of Tuke, and the mate of Anda.

Rutt and Tuke met Kenai, a bear, while in the forest. Though he attempted to explain that he was a human who had been transformed into a bear, the moose simply believed him to be crazy. Kenai asked the two for directions to the Mountain Where the Lights Touch the Earth, but when they proved to be of no help, Kenai moved on to find it on his own.

Later, Rutt and Tuke were nearly attacked by a human hunter named Denahi and so sought Kenai's protection. They heeded Kenai's advice to ride on mammoths to cover their trails, though they lost the bears in the process. While trying to get off the mammoths, Rutt broke an antler and blamed Tuke for the predicament. However, the brothers reconciled.

Eventually, Rutt took a mate named Anda.



Rutt grew up with his elder brother, Tuke. Throughout his childhood, Rutt was taken care of by Tuke, who showed him the best spots to graze, remained by his side during hard times, and gave him love and care. At some point, Rutt was trampled by a herd of elk.

Brother Bear

Rutt and Tuke meet Kenai

Rutt and Tuke are in the forest when they spot a bear named Kenai. They hide in fear of getting eaten, but quickly relax when Kenai promises that he will not harm them. Rutt and Tuke introduce themselves, but when they call him a bear, Kenai bristles and tries to explain that he is a human who had been transformed into a bear by the Great Spirits. Believing him to be crazy, the moose joke that he is an abnormally large beaver and that they are not really moose themselves. While Tuke pretends to be a squirrel, Rutt claims that he is a wolverine. Irritated, Kenai moves on.

As Kenai leaves, Rutt warns him not to go in such a direction, but does not remember why. Just then, Kenai is drawn into a bear trap, but Rutt still ponders over why he had delivered such a cryptic warning to Kenai.

Rutt reconciles with Tuke after losing an antler

Later, Rutt and Tuke are grazing when a human hunter named Denahi passes by and glares at them. Terrified, the moose flee and catch up with Kenai, whom they beg for protection. He agrees and tells the moose to ride on mammoths in order to cover their tracks. While riding on mammoths, Rutt and Tuke play "I spy," but can only spot trees on the desolate landscape.

Later, after losing Kenai, Rutt and Tuke get into an incident with the mammoths in which Rutt loses an antler. Blaming Tuke for the predicament, Rutt takes on the bear cub Koda as his new brother, but Koda rejects him. Still angry at Tuke, Rutt blames his brother for failing him and being selfish, but Tuke responds by reminding Rutt of all the times he had helped his brother. He then haltingly confesses that he loves Rutt, and Rutt responds in kind. Reconciled, the brothers head off to graze together.

Brother Bear 2

While on their way to the Salmon Run, Kenai and Koda run into Rutt and his brother, Tuke, both of whom are fleeing a female buffalo. The moose quickly pull the bears into the underbrush until the buffalo has left. Afterward, Kenai asks what is wrong with them, and they explain that it is mating season and that they are hoping to find a pair of "moosettes," or female moose. Just then, the buffalo comes charging back, and Rutt and Tuke flee in a panic.

Rutt and Tuke fail to woo the moosettes

Later, Kenai and Koda run into Rutt and Tuke again, just in time to watch as the moose awkwardly wave goodbye to a pair of moosettes, Anda and Kata, who are grazing in a pond. The two ask Kenai for advice. However, before he can reply, his human friend Nita approaches, which spooks Rutt and Tuke. Koda quickly assures them that Nita is a friend, and they start to introduce themselves, only for Nita to interrupt by telling Kenai that they cannot dally.

Despite Nita's urgency, Kenai decides to help Rutt and Tuke woo the moosettes. He tells them the plan: while Kenai will pretend to attack the moosettes, Rutt and Tuke will charge in and "save" them. Though the moose are hesitant, they agree to the plan. However, it quickly backfires, as the moosettes are not afraid of Kenai, while Rutt and Tuke shy away in fear of Kenai's ferocious act and float away down the river.

Rutt and Koda lament being abandoned by their brothers

Later, Kenai and his friends encounter Rutt and Tuke again. This time, the moose are rolling around in the mud in an attempt to make themselves smell appealing to the moosettes. Nita steps in and offers her advice, which is to woo the moosettes by using Koda's cuteness to their advantage. The plan goes underway, with Koda pretending to play hide-and-seek with Rutt and Tuke. This warms the moosettes to the pair, though Rutt ruins the plan by nervously breaking into verse. To cover for Rutt's mistake, Tuke comments that his brother had gotten trampled as a calf and walks away with both moosettes beside him. Rutt miserably trails along behind them.

The moosettes show interest in Tuke, but reject Rutt. This goes on for some time, and Rutt eventually complains to Koda that his own brother has abandoned him for the moosettes. He then warns Koda that Kenai might abandon him as well.

Rutt and Tuke save Koda from hunters

That night, the four moose watch the Great Spirits, with the moosettes snuggled up to Tuke while Rutt sits alone. Rutt starts to sob miserably, and the moosettes find this appealing, as it means he is sensitive. They abandon Tuke and start showing Rutt attention, to Tuke's consternation.

Later, Rutt and Tuke visit Kenai and inform him that Koda is journeying to Nita's village to fetch her and bring her back to Kenai. Afraid that the human hunters will hurt Koda, Kenai rushes off to save him, with Rutt and Tuke in tow.

Rutt and Tuke with their mates, Anda and Kata

At the village, the humans attack Kenai and Koda. However, Rutt and Tuke jump in to save Koda, landing on a tree branch that breaks and crushes several hunters. This impresses the moosettes, who hail Rutt and Tuke as heroes. The five then rush to Kenai's aid, though the moose hang back as Koda approaches his brother.

The Great Spirits appear overhead, allowing the humans to communicate with the animals. Nita's father Chilkoot approaches and reacts with shock that he can understand Rutt and Tuke's speech. The gatherers then watch as Nita is transformed into a bear by the Great Spirits.

Later, Rutt and Tuke attend Kenai and Nita's wedding. While Kata nuzzles Tuke, Anda nuzzles Rutt. The moose comment on how much they love happy endings as well as happy beginnings.

Physical appearance

Rutt is a medium-sized animal. Being younger than his brother Tuke, he is slightly smaller and skinnier, with a less prominent hump on his back. His fur is brown tinged with orange, though his muzzle and underbelly are darker in color. He has a short brown mane and beard, and brown eyes.

Personality and traits

If I was driving, this never would've happened.
―Rutt to Tuke, on losing an antler[src]

Rutt is well-intentioned but scatter-brained. He is not a very deep thinker and often forgets what he was planning to say, even when the answer is apparent. He tends to take direction from his older brother Tuke, sometimes to his chagrin, and is more attentive in nature. Sometimes, his sibling’s more commanding personality causes Rutt to act jealous, such as when Tuke's insistence on leading causes Rutt to lose an antler. Despite this, Rutt cares for his sibling and forgives him for his fumbles at last.

Rutt pretends he is a wolverine to play along with Kenai, revealing his goofy and mischievous nature

When it comes to predators, particularly bears and humans, Rutt is quite insecure and faint-hearted. He is similarly intimidated by social situations, such as speaking with female moose. Unlike Tuke, he is more reserved and socially awkward, which results in several uncomfortable situations, and can be bashful and sensitive.

Both Rutt and Tuke are good-humored and like to entertain. The two of them tease Kenai for insisting that he is not a bear and play along with him, pretending that they are different animals as well. They can be a bit clueless and do not always comprehend what is happening, though they mean well and will jump to their friends' aid if necessary.



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