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Valley of Fire
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Valley of Fire chase

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Koda to Kenai on the Valley of Fire[src]

The Valley of Fire is a location. It is a lava field near the Salmon Run with red rocks, steam geysers and dead trees.


Brother Bear

Koda leads Kenai into the Valley of Fire

Koda leads Kenai to the Valley of Fire and tells him that the Salmon Run is just on the other side. Though Koda is relatively unfazed by the dangerous landscape, Kenai reacts with horror and shock. The two venture in, and Koda soon disappears, only to purposefully spook Kenai. Kenai attempts to scare Koda back, but fails.

Suddenly, Koda warns Kenai to watch out, but Kenai simply believes that Koda is trying to fool him again. However, a spear thuds into the ground next to Kenai, and a moment later, Denahi jumps down after it. The bears are then forced to outrun Denahi while avoiding steam geysers. While Koda flees, Kenai rears up on his hind legs and uses a geyser to temporarily blind and knock over Denahi. He then races to the edge of a gorge, where a fallen log leads across the chasm to safety, but he hesitates when he hears Koda yelling for help behind him.

Kenai and Koda race to the border of the Valley of Fire in order to escape Denahi

Kenai promptly turns back and carries Koda to the edge of the chasm. Once there, they begin to precariously cross the log, though Koda soon alerts Kenai to Denahi closing in behind them. Kenai quickly tosses Koda to safety, just in time for Denahi to seize hold of one end of the log and heave it off the ledge. Kenai barely escapes to the other side, which enrages Denahi. Though Kenai hesitates, worrying over his brother, Koda urges him to leave the danger behind.

Kenai starts to follow Koda away from the gorge when Denahi suddenly screams and jumps across the chasm, barely catching hold of the log, which is still hanging from Kenai and Koda's end of the gorge. Kenai rushes to help Denahi, but is unable to keep the log from slipping off the edge of the gorge and plunging into the river below. Denahi soon surfaces, alive and uninjured, and Kenai watches him drift down the river with concern.