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Kenai: I just want to get my handprint on that wall.
Sitka: Just be patient, Kenai. When you live by your totem, you will.
Kenai and his brother, Sitka[src]

The wall is a sacred location in Kenai's village. It is a wall upon which the members of Tanana's tribe place their handprints once they have reached adulthood.


Brother Bear

The wall is covered in handprints of those members of Tanana's tribe who have reached adulthood and fulfilled the virtue of their totem. Kenai, a young man, receives his totem during a sacred ceremony, during which Tanana explains to him that he will someday place his handprint next to those of his ancestors.

After the ceremony, Kenai expresses to his brother, Sitka, that he wants to place his mark on the wall, and Sitka advises him to live by his totem.

Later, after Kenai is transformed into a bear, he places his pawprint on the wall, having fulfilled his totem's virtue by learning to love and care for a bear cub, Koda.